Total Success Summit On The Road

In March of this year we brought together the biggest line-up of real estate superstars Australia has ever seen! Over three days of mentoring and learning all attendees walked away with a new set of tools & weapons that gave them the edge to DOMINATE their market place…. the feedback has been MIND-BLOWING and the results have been INCREDIBLE!
After the event, we sat back and we just knew that we needed to take this one step further, we needed to share this with more people, get the message out to as many people as we possibly could!

So we twisted the arm of some of these Super Stars and we are taking the SHOW ON THE ROAD! That’s right, we are coming to you!


for a measly $37 a ticket!

(The Freebie you get with the ticket is worth three times that!)



General admission to the event

BONUS 1: DVD Copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s talk in Sydney, collection of this DVD is at the Venue on the day

BONUS 2: A copy of the speakers that you missed from the other states on the tour.




With this VIP Ticket you get to meet & greet with the VIP in your City

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BONUS 1:DVD Copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s talk in Sydney, collection of this DVD is at the Venue on the day

BONUS 2: A copy of the speakers that you missed from the other states on the tour.






Now we couldn’t get Arnie to come back (the man is in such high demand at the moment), but what we are going to do is everyone who ATTENDS the one day in their city will get a copy of the Arnold presentation, when you register on the day you pick your DVD up at the event….

Remember if you don’t come you don’t get!


This Event Will Allow You to Get More Listings, Dominate Your Area, Live the Life You Have To Date Only Heard About, and Fan Your Entrepreneurial Flame…No Matter Where You Are Right Now.

Dear Rebellious Agent, (or soon to be one),

This message might tick off a lot of my “speaker guru” counterparts in the sales, marketing and seminar industry, but you know what? I don’t care.

You see, I’ve always been known as a guy that always “zigs” when other people “zag.” (in the words of Aaron Shiner). And in my 20-year sales and marketing career my ‘out of the box’ approach to business has worked well for me.

While most real estate agents are out knocking on doors and cold calling, I have agents as clients who literally have more business calling them than they could ever get around to listing.
While the facebook forums are full of fear-based commentary on discount agencies, third party lead generators, competitors dropping their comms, and tightening stock levels, there are agents who are enjoying being the only logical choice in their market, and they are impervious to these pressures, because they have set themselves up in a different way. And they are earning more money every month, than the average agent earns in a year.
While most agents fight tooth and nail trying to find listings, my clients phones are ringing off the hook being ‘sought AFTER’ rather than being ‘seekers’ out there. (we will be exploring this distinction in great detail on the real estate agent day.
While most agents are working 60-80 hours per day doing the “prospecting grunt work” and getting sworn at, hung up on, and berated, and literally 10-20% of those hours are doing anything that actually matters. It’s time to fix this.
While a bunch of agents lie awake at 1am in a cold sweat— wondering if they’ll survive this onslaught, there are other agents with a pipeline of sellers for months in advance.


And here’s the best part: This Has Nothing To Do With “Skills” or “Talent.” It Just Has To Do With Learning A Specific Set Of Skills You Can Easily Implement.

I can assure you, neither myself, nor the superstar agents I coach, have much or any innate “talent”. Most of us have the academic qualifications of a year 10 dropout. Yet, the earnings they enjoy is probably 10X more than people who went to those fancy schools and universities.What this faculty are going to share with you are the tactics that separates the top 10% of income earners in real estate (heck, even the top 1%)…from the bottom 90% of the rest, barely struggling to get by, – or what I call the “mediocre majority”…

One of these secrets is the ‘Seek or Sought Switch’ …where your potential client, don’t sit there folded arms, barely nodding at you with derision, but instead, seek you out, and are predisposed to list with you, they have already made the decision they want you. (I know, I know, this sounds hard to believe, but you are going to have to go on faith that it is possible. There are too many of us enjoying this reality, that this isn’t luck, or based on our area being different. It is a replicatable set of tactics that you can have too)And another one is a single, incredibly, irrationally powerful “positioning” you can use to instantly “be taller” in your market—more visible, more trustworthy, more expert, and more influential in the eyes of your marketplace.

Seriously, you could triple your income with just these 2 weapons… that is if you just take action on them. These weapons have allowed me to live the life I’m living right now, and have allowed me to pass it on to countless clients of mine.

And the best part is this:

You Can Finally Rid Yourself Of Participating In The “Interview 5 Agents, and Pick One” Dance. It’s Almost Like ‘Tinder’ of Choosing an Agent, and You’re Getting ‘Left Swiped’ a Whole Lot More Often Than Chosen.

Let me explain what that means. The “Tinder of Agency Choosing” is when you have a bunch of guys…even the ugly ones and recently divorced…line up on an app. (I mean not too dissimilar to a blue light disco when I was a late teen)

And the woman checks out the guys, on the app or at the blue light,  checks each one of them, and she picks the least offensive of the bunch and everybody else leaves without a dance.

Most listing opportunities across the country are like the “Tinder/Blue Light” where you and five other agents all go and make a presentation. And the client picks one and it’s all over with.

But there’s a better way. It’s one simple BLOODY secret that immediately shifts the power from the client to the agent. Believe me, potential sellers will view you differently than your competition —which means they’ll trust you—and LIST with you, LOTS.

This is something I painstakingly figured out because the way most of us are trained to get listings, by cold calling, door knocking, and doing the same marketing as our ten other competitors, it nearly killed me. I just couldn’t take it.

So I travelled the world, paid every expert there is ungodly sums of money for their courses, and figured out the way to get clients to call me. It worked, great guns, so I shared it with a few, then a few more. Now there is not too many of my clients that aren’t leading their areas, or on the way to the top spot.

And they’ve not only made more money (yes, it has to be said, there is a LOT of money at stake here) , BUT beneficially altered their very experience of real estate sales with these simple 5 breakthroughs.

That’s Right: Real Estate Can Be A Pleasant Experience That’ll Make You Wake Up In The Morning Looking Forward To Going To Work. (and I would not have believed you if you told me that ten years ago)Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have a full pipeline of listings, who see you as an expert and will listen to you with respect and even (virtually unheard of in our industry)
ADMIRATION… and automatically accepting your recommendations and advice with little or no objections.

That’s the magic of what our amazing lineup of superstar agents (and some really really good ‘works in progress’ will be handing you —strategies that allow you to attract and close a disproportionate share of the available listings in your area, without the “hard work” of prospecting…versus having to use “brute force” tactics of selling that involves insane amounts of ‘prospecting’ and 80’s inspired, hard closing techniques.

It’s all about engineering the natural and automatic marketing and converting ‘2 punch combo’ . And the best part is if an idiot from Ipswich (yours truly) can learn this stuff, then you can too. You just have to know the exact steps you have to take to make this happen for you.

So, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as our headliner, here is the faculty that are going to hand you just that, and they’ll all be giving you their unique twist on success, so you will leave with not one way of implementing these principles, but many, and you are guaranteed one of the mentors will be handing you the keys to the kingdom that will suit your personality, and your marketplace.

BONUS Real Estate Industry Day Mentors

Glenn Twiddle
Glenn Twiddle

‘Out of the Box’ Rebel Real Estate Coach, taking agents to #1 in their area in 2 years or less, no matter where you are starting from.

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John McGrath
Glenn Twiddle

My name is Glenn Twiddle. I'm probably what you'd think of as a "bogan" (I've never found refinement and politeness to be particularly attractive). I was raised in a typical working family setting, and by all accounts, I wasn't raised with the tools for massive success. I paid the bills by performing as a singer and a guitarist in local pubs – not exactly an impressive life, but it kept the lights on and food in my belly. But I wanted more.

So, like many people with dreams of big money, I started part-time as a real estate agent. It was more of a hobby, really – I made a few deals here and there, but I wasn't in any danger of becoming wildly successful, let me tell you.

But I had a keen interest in sorting out what actually worked in Australia's rather turbulent real estate market. And the more I discovered, the higher my income climbed. Eventually, my real estate income eclipsed what I was making in the pubs, and I knew I had an incredible opportunity to start making superstar-level cash!

Over time, I had the good fortune to tap into the success principles of titans like Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Mal Emery, and many others. And once I started putting those principles into play, my income really started taking off! But even as my real estate career rocketed, I knew that there were countless thousands of other agents who struggled every month to make a single sale. And I knew that if I could just teach them my system in terms that they could easily integrate into their own practices… they could escape the "average" and start earning real income for themselves!

I knew that I wouldn't feel right teaching strategies that would only work for agents with exceptional talent and loads of experience. It had to be a step by step, easily understandable system that agents just like you could use to massively increase their earnings… no matter whether they have 10 years of experience or 10 days!

It took months to develop my system and refine it to the point where agents could just "fill in the blanks" and start closing deals within days after implementing my strategies.

But my hard work paid off… and I finally developed training that agents just like you can use to start seeing back-to-back sales and higher commissions starting today!

I've helped countless agents become #1 earners in their areas… even in an era when other agents are leaving the business in droves!

Matthew Pavlich
Matthew Pavlich

A super athlete and Fremantle’s most decorated player in its 18-year history, Matthew Pavlich is among the AFL'S biggest stars.

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Mystery Speaker
Matthew Pavlich

Pavlich was selected by Fremantle with the fourth pick in the 1999 National Draft.

He has since fulfilled such promise, starring in a number of roles for the Dockers and propelling them to their first finals series in 2003.

In 2003, he took his game to another level, booting 37 goals while still holding down a key midfield post. As a permanent forward in 2006, Pavlich kicked 71 goals and helped the Dockers to the best finish in the club’s short history. He reproduced that form with 72 majors and a fourth George Doig Medal as Dockers Best and Fairest in 2007.

His amazing career to date has seen Pavlich named in the All-Australian team six times in an astonishing five different positions, six Doig Medals and eight club leading goal kicker awards. Now the Dockers’ career leader in games played and goals, Pavlich was as dominant as ever in 2012, with his six-goal performance spearheading the club to its first finals win in Melbourne against defending premier Geelong at the MCG.

Pavlich led Fremantle to the club’s first Grand Final appearance, unfortunately losing to Hawthorn. In 2014 Matthew played his 300th game making him the only Fremantle player in their short history to reach this milestone.

One of the most recognisable people in Western Australia, Pavlich is becoming known as an excellent media performer, working with the likes of Channel 7 and the West Australian newspaper and is one of the most accomplished corporate and leadership speakers around.

Pavlich is married to wife Lauren and they welcomed a daughter Harper, on the eve of the 2013 AFL Season.

Danny Green
Danny Green

Danny Green is a 4 x World Champion Professional Boxer with over 25 years experience as an Elite Athlete.

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Danny Green
Danny Green

World Champ aside, the best thing about Danny is that he’s a regular Aussie guy. ‘My simple philosophies for getting the most out of life are perfect for the everyday champion!’ ‘I know that sticking to a simple plan and being in the right headspace is the key to success.

Danny green is the only boxer from Australia to win four professional boxing world titles. One of the highest profile athletes in the country, greens laconic, affable laid back nature outside the ring belies his fierce and intense demeanor inside the ropes, his devastating power and aggressive instincts have earned him the well known moniker ‘the green machine’.

A surfer from Perth’s Scarborough beach, green left school to become a carpenter, and found his boyhood dream of becoming a world champion fighter a realistic possibility after nurturing and honing his power, intent and instincts, developing into a fighter of real substance.

Danny is highly respected in the community for his patience and willingness to engage his massive fan base, and more importantly for his philanthropy and help for people from all ages and walks of life. It is often stated that ‘his heart is as big as his punch!’

Soa "The Hulk" Palelei

AS he steps from the blood-red fighting ring and onto the red carpet, Soa Palelei — modern gladiator and movie star — represents the quintessential modern-day “make good” story. From fame of in the cage fighting arena, now Palelei is awaiting the release of his second film. He is quite literally going from strength to strength.

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Soa Palelei
Soa "The Hulk" Palelei

Palelei is a force to be reckoned with not only in the octagon but in life also, his gold teeth glinting as he grins, a far cry from the pit of pain he faces as he steps in the cage for his job.

To this Willetton Senior High School kid, with sporting ambitions and brawn to spare, mixed martial arts was love at first sight.

Coming from a school of hard knocks helped to prepare Palelei for the fight arena. His parents had exposed him to the tough plantation life in Tonga as a young child. Then he was sent to live with an uncle in NSW where he was given regular and explosive beatings. It was bad enough for the young pre-teen to run away and hide under a house where he ate dog leftovers to stave off hunger and borrowed people’s line washing to stay warm.

My parents do believe in the smack, and that kind of toughened him up a bit. Sometimes when he's in the Octagon ready to fight, he thinks of his opponent you haven’t been through what I’ve been through. So what can you do to me that is worse?

Palelei says he cannot recall ever getting into street scraps as a kid, and, remarkably, doesn’t like confrontation out of the ring. His sporting prowess started with basketball, then moved to rugby, while he also trained in freestyle and Greco wrestling, followed by Brazilian jiu jitsu. Palelei’s body is not only his tool of trade, it’s a work of art. His father took him to get his first tattoo at 15, a rite of passage that would be repeated through milestones in his life, the patterns portraying significant Tongan symbols.

Palelei began competing in lower rung MMA bouts before leaving Perth for a shot at the UFC. That was 2007 and it would prove to be a defining experience. It was a crushing defeat. That was one of the worst kinds of fight ever. Las Vegas you’ve got 20,000 people packed into an arena, not to mention the millions and millions of people watching on TV. It was like a Freddy Kruger nightmare the stage fright got to me. His coach Ryan Parsons was looking after Hollywood star Kevin James, and Kevin and Adam Sandler flew in to watch my fight. So then it was so disappointing.

After the fight, Palelei was cut from the UFC and returned home, his dream in tatters. He sat on the couch for eight months or something eating ice cream. But he learnt from that experience. He had to prove that wasn’t the real Hulk, and so began the fight to get back in the ring, one punch at a time, with publicity hound Nidia Liguan at his side.

The last three or four years we pushed every angle to get back in the UFC. We started to push our Hulk brand I was always Palelei ‘The Hulk’ Then there’s the fame. And Palelei is well aware of what message he wants to send out. He doesn't want to be known as a person, who had a fight, he wants to be great at fighting, great at the movies and have my kids be proud of what he does.

Palelei released his first book last June called Face Your Fears which was published by Penguin Random House Australia the book was a huge success and ranked 5 in Australia since releasing his book, Soas become a mental health ambassador talking about mental health & suicide prevention, he been travelling Australia delivering talks on his life and how he too dealt with depression and attempted suicide, he’s using his platform from the UFC to share his story and save lives.

Chris Gilmour
Chris Gilmour

Meet the guy you became a household name in real estate in his second year. Chris consistently holds around 90% of market share in his area!

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Chris Gilmour
Chris Gilmour

Multi Award winning and Australia's Fastest Real Estate Agent! Meet the guy who became a household name in real estate in his second year. And then earned over a million in comms every year since. Chris will give you ALL the short cuts you need to take of your territory very FAST.These are the ideas and concepts you will want to copy and install into your business to quickly get more listings and make more sales. During this impressive presentation Chris shares everything from his pre listing strategy to how he conducts his open homes and these are the EXACT ideas you'll want to 'copy and paste'.

Dubbed by many as the Industry Leader in technology Chris shares what he is wanting to do in 2017!

Chris has now shared the stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson, Josh & Matt Altman, Dr Eric Thomas and Gary Vaynerchuk. Chris continues to share everything with the real estate industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Vivien Yap
Vivien Yap - Perth

From the moment you meet LJ Hooker Claremont | Dalkeith Principal Vivien Yap

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Vivien Yap
Vivien Yap

From the moment you meet LJ Hooker Claremont | Dalkeith Principal Vivien Yap, it’s evident how her people skills, determination and problem solving ability enabled her to transition from a pharmacist of 20 years to the sought-after, Multi-Million Dollar sales performer she is today. A specialist in Perth’s prestigious beachside and river precincts, she leads a growing office that is on track to break new ground in 2017.

Vivien’s professional awards cover most of the WA industry’s top honours as well as national distinctions. Vivien will be speaking with Naomi Twyford at the event, sharing her secret to success. Consistently, the #1 Agent by value sold in WA 3 years in a row and in the Top 100 Agents in Australia, we are honoured to have Vivien as part of the event

Jodie Curran
Jodie Curran - Brisbane

A true rags to riches story, this single Mum went from having a negative bank account backing herself with no plan B, to #1 in her area in less than a year.

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Jodie Curran
Jodie Curran

A true rags to riches story, In 2015 Jodie went from having negative dollars in her bank account to 6 figures in 9 months! Newly divorced with 2 beautiful boys, Jodie backed herself and decided that there was no Plan B only Plan A! Through the training and mentoring of Glenn Twiddle and Aaron Sansoni, Jodie turned her career around. She is now on track to hit a million dollars for 2016/2017.

Aaron Sansoni
Aaron Sansoni - All States

The new breed of selling superstar. The world’s foremost 21st century sales authority. How to sell to today’s buyer with zero resistance.

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Aaron Sansoni
Aaron Sansoni

The New Breed of Selling Superstar. International Speaker, Author and Recent Nominee for Entrepreneur ofthe Year, Aaron's Effected the Lives of Over 2 Million People, In 14 Countries in Over 100 Industries. Featured in Over 20 Publications Around the World, Aaron Runs a Successful Venture Capital Company with Interests in Media, Tech and Real Estate Projects Around the Globe.

Aaron Is an Internationally Acclaimed Sales Expert Who Has Spoken at Some ofthe Most Exclusive Venues Around the Word and Shared the Stage with Business Icon's Including Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Listers Such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eric Thomas, The Most Viewed Motivational Speaker On the Planet. Aaron Is a Mentor to Top CEO's, Athletes and Celebrities and Has Personally Helped His Clients to Make Billions of Dollars in Sales From His Four Award Winning Global Education Brands.Aaron Sansoni Is Considered the World's #1 21st Century Sales Authority.

Naomi Twyford
Naomi Twyford - All States

The other half of Glenn Twiddle training, if you are after implementation then Naomi will give you a no frills, no BS approach, no fluffing around way to get things done!

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Naomi Twyford
Naomi Twyford

The other half of the Glenn Twiddle Training& Mentoring, Naomi was a high achiever in the real estate industry in WA. As a selling and listing Principal Naomi reached the heights of achieving multiple awards from the industry body REIWA back to back years during her reign in the northern suburbs. In 2013 she made the switch from real estate to training & mentoring and through the last 3 years she has mentored clients to levels they never thought possible. As an exquisite implementer Naomi manages a team of 15 employees under the Glenn Twiddle brand pumping out client marketing weapons & tools! She is also the Managing Director of the Glenn Twiddle consortium of companies and heads up the Events department as Director of Events. She also handles all the International Stars that Glenn & her bring to Australia. Her motto in life is "You are a Warrior, warriors don't give up & they don't back down, pick up your sword & shield and fight"!

Shocking Changes To Our Industry Demands
You Adapt To Survive And Thrive

Remember, This isn’t 2009 anymore. Thanks to the Internet, our industry is no longer the custodian of the information that sellers are wanting, plus they can use countless sites to pit you up against your competitors who WILL do it cheaper, in a split second. And most of your potential clients have already seen or been exposed to “old school” listing presentations and pitches and have become immune to them.

While I’m not denouncing these tactics, actually yes I am. Someone has to. Do you know how ridiculous you sound when you go into a listing presentation and deliver the exact same scripts and dialogues that the agent two hours before you did?

You need a more sophisticated set of tools in your arsenal to close 100% of your listing opportunities —so you’re not playing the mindless numbers game like your competition.

Think about it: while your competitors are banging on doors, cold calling, and using manipulative sales techniques, you’ll be sitting pretty talking to prospects who are pre-disposed to doing business with you…

…versus having to deal with completely sceptical clients who come to you via a cold call or other solicitation—where they’re sitting there ‘arms folded’ doubting every word coming out of your ‘real estate agent-speak’ mouth.

Give Us the Day, and You’ll Discover The Following Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know, Unless They Beat You to This Event:

How to get paid substantially, even SHOCKINGLY more than competitors…yet having your clients kind of know they will be paying more for you. (And don’t fall for the trap of saying, ‘My area is different, that won’t work in my area.’ If you are tempted to think that, please call Peter Gourdouros from Eview in Melbourne on 0456 401 882.)
The easiest way to get in the minds of your farm area. And no, this isn’t a magic sales letter that your competitors can knock off immediately, or a magic cold call script that you must make 500 of per week in order for it to have any clout.
The 4 new school methods of choosing sellers to work with that’ll make your life a lot easier. This will automatically weed out the “price shoppers” who were going to use your discount competitors anyway.
How to set up your ‘pre-listing systems’ to choregraph the perfect listing appointment before you say a single word to the client. This takes the pressure off the face-to-face listing presentation and shifts the power to YOU.
How to avoid the three giant mistakes too many agents make with their fee and the seller’s marketing investment. Most agents under price, negotiate away profit, tremble in fear over their and their competitor’s fee, and lose countless listings because of it.
The REAL reason why your customer makes a ‘fee based’ decision. If your client questions your fee and marketing, compares you to lesser-priced agents and alternatives, then there is a reason…and it’s within YOUR control.
The “secret sauce” to motivating your client to list with you. (Even if they’re “on the fence” or are about ready to say NO).
...and a whole LOT more! The Total Success Summit Real Estate Day Is Your Ticket From Competing For Your Client’s Business To Doing Business On Your Terms.

 To be blunt: only the agents that are (what my Star Wars Fanboy self would call) ‘Banther Fodder’  follow the crowd and do what “everyone else” does. That’s because they’re stuck in “masses” thinking—and most of the masses, based on some of the stats we’re seeing, are struggling to earn more than the average wage of a checkout chick. (Apologies to check out chicks, I used to aspire to be one when I was stacking freezers at Woolies)

If you have read this far, then I guarantee you’re not one of these soon to be ‘Banther Fodder.’ Total Success Summit presents a blueprint you can easily “cut and paste” straight into your agency.  And like I said before, don’t you dare start telling me: “But Glenn, My Area Is Different! There’s Agents I’m Up Against Charging 1%”

Thinking that is an enemy of your success. Pure and simple. I get it though, it’s just easier on our ego to tell ourselves that our area is different than to fess up to the reality that we just may not yet have the skills needed, and look in the mirror for the reason we aren’t yet where we want to be in our careers.

Best part? We’re not talking about “repackaged old stuff” like new ways to close or “scripts and dialogues and open home call backs” that everybody and their dog are using. (I’m not saying don’t follow up, just saying, don’t do the same crap everyone else is doing, or in most cases, not doing. )

But that stuff will get you incremental improvement that might allow you to increase your sales 10-20% in the next year or two. Sure they’re helpful, but they’re not going to allow you to almost instantly double or triple your business in the next year.

And yes, Doubling or Tripling Your current Earnings is Exactly What I’m Talking About Here.

Listen: there are hordes of real estate trainers and coaches who can hand you some clever scripts and dialogues, and get you a little more success, if you do what they say LOTS. But there are only a handful of coaches (and I know of only this environment) who has taken so many people from where they are to where they want to be.

(Wait till you hear Jodie Curran’s story. Single Mum up to her eyes in credit card debt 2 years ago, to owning her own business, and on track to do a million dollars this year!!!)

And while I consider agents like Jodie, Chris Gilmour, Michael Spillane, and the other legends coaching you at this event, to be very VERY talented, I can tell you that the million dollar plus careers they are enjoying is NOT 20X better than the average agent skill-wise. That’s a HUGE mistake most agents make. They charge, in some cases, double the commissions than their competitors, and attract ten times the listing opportunities, and close more often, because they’ve mastered a unique and POWERFUL marketing, positioning and converting system that allows them to separate themselves from the rest.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Have a Listen to What These Folks Have to Say




And by the way, here’s my personal guarantee before I give you your ticketing options. .

There’s no question that this is a steal for a jam-packed 1 day live event But to be honest, I wouldn’t even feel right asking you to risk just $47 of your hard-earned money.

So here's the deal.

Spend the first day with us at, If you’re not completely blown away by the training you get… or you don’t feel like you’ve gotten at least 10 times your money’s worth by the end of the first day, from the exclusive, real-world strategies you’ve learned… or if you can genuinely look me in the eye and tell me you’re not thrilled for any reason at all…

I demand that you ask for a 100% refund. But I won't give it to you.


I'll give you back double your investment!

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to get so much value from this event, you’re going to feel like you ripped me off by paying just $57

So you have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you feel like your time with me is a complete waste (and trust me, you won’t) … the worst that can happen is that you’ll double your $57




General admission to the event

BONUS 1: DVD Copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s talk in Sydney, collection of this DVD is at the Venue on the day

BONUS 2: A copy of the speakers that you missed from the other states on the tour.




With this VIP Ticket you get to meet & greet with the VIP in your City

Signed Merchandise from the VIP in your City

Priority front row seating!

Early Entrance to the presentation area

BONUS 1:DVD Copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s talk in Sydney, collection of this DVD is at the Venue on the day

BONUS 2: A copy of the speakers that you missed from the other states on the tour.


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